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National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
(July, 2000) President Clinton announced the establishment of the Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse, an online resource that can help school districts find qualified teachers. At such a critical time, when so many districts face a shortfall in certified teachers, Secretary Riley said, this free service may have a tremendous impact on the way school districts find quality teachers. He noted that for prospective teachers, the clearinghouse is not only a gateway to job openings, it also offers resources and guidance to individuals considering careers in teaching. The clearinghouse can be used to:

  • Access online job banks and job listings across the country
  • Compare school districts and job offerings nationally
  • Find out how to prepare to become a teacher
  • Learn how to finance teacher preparation
  • Understand in which geographic and subject areas teachers are most needed
  • Find out about incentives districts offer new teachers
  • Learn about strategies for finding and keeping teachers
  • Expand a district's reach to a national audience of prospective teachers
  • Explore strategies for recruiting teachers

Skewl Sites Site Index
A to Z comprehensive and categorized Web site of teacher resources.

WestEd's Strategic Literacy Initiative
The SLI focuses on improving student literacy at the secondary school level.

Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Article on making education technology work.

National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
Teachers take charge of their learning: the first-ever national survey of teachers' own views about professional development.

CPRE Policy Bulletin
Eight short policy briefs by key education researchers on topics such as creating a professional development community and the relationship between teacher knowledge and student academic success. A great summary of current research is included and outlines what states are doing to promote excellence in teaching.

National Staff Development Council
One-stop Web site for teacher professional development, contains extensive information on staff development, and the recently released National Plan for Improving Professional Development.

Southern Regional Education Board
A new report issued by the SREB encourages states to do more about students who drop out of school.

ASCD: The Contemporary Principal
Subtitled "New Skills for a New Age," this article from the May 2000 issue of Education Update (ASCD) shares the viewpoints of principal leadership experts about the changing definition of "effective" leadership.

Annenberg Institute for School Reform
"Looking at Student Work Together," a preliminary report of the Annenberg Institute Working Group on Teacher and Parent Collaboration, explores questions like: "How should issues of teaching and learning be 'made public'? What would educators learn from structured feedback from parents? What would the parent community gain from a deeper understanding of the work of schools?"

National Center for Education Statistics
Fast facts tailored to answer education research questions These Fast Facts are designed to provide you with the answers to many of your educational research questions. Also included are links to many of the actual tables and publications where the data is taken from. Select from among four distinct categories.

National Assessment of Educational Progress
Known as the Nation's Report Card, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the only nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas. Find out how 8th and 12th (and 4th) graders fared in the 1998 reading assessment.

Outta Ray's Head
Lesson Plans Created by Ray Saitz, a teacher/librarian in a small high school near Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. This award-winning site contains lesson plans submitted by high school teachers and librarians from Canada and the United States.

American Library Association
Extensive site includes resources for kids, parents, families.

Young Adult Librarian's Help/Homepage
A good collection of links for librarians, teachers, and teens.

To learn more about the issues surrounding teaching (and motivating) adolescents to read, check out the Summer 2000 issue of ASCD's *Curriculum Update* (mailed to all ASCD members and available for purchase by calling 1-800-933-2723). Go to the "Reading Room" on the ASCD Web site, search for the following authors, and read two online articles from the October 1999 *Educational Leadership*: (1) "Learning About Learning to Read: A Conversation with Sally Shaywitz" by Marcia D'Arcangelo; and (2) "Improving the Reading Skills of Adolescents" by John H. Holloway. As well, visit the ASCD Online Store and search on the keywords "teaching reading" or "reading instruction" (no quotation marks), and see the wealth of materials available, including the books *Teaching Reading in the Content Areas* (2nd ed.) and *What Every Principal Should Know About Teaching Reading.*

New Teacher Center
Supporting the development of an inspired, dedicated, and highly qualified teaching force

Active teacher chat boards and chat rooms. Also, see California Teachers.Net.

Beginning Teacher's Tool Box
Offers everything from an "Ask Our Mentor a Question" section, where you can email questions to a veteran teacher, to "Tips for New Teachers"

"by teachers, for teachers"
Provides basic tips to beginning teachers, and has a list of educational web sites organized by subject area and topic

Brandeis Summer Transitions Program
Addressing issues affecting the quality of educational and career development opportunities for school-aged youth

South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment Home Page
Teaching is reaching the next generation

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