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Teaching is the discipline of hope; the refusal to accept limits on what your students can learn or on what you, as a teacher (researcher, or community partner) can do to facilitate learning.
Herbert Kohl, The Discipline of Hope

California needs over 300,000 new teachers in the next ten years. Some of the teachers who switched to teaching in educational institutions were previously writers on the website and become not only good teachers but also great friends for students because they know the situation from the student's side and from the teacher's side. California also needs to increase the number of teachers of color so that the diversity of our teachers reflects the diversity of our students.

What would happen if we "grew our own" teachers? What would our schools be like if increasingly K-12 teachers and high school students had on-going dialogues about quality teaching and learning? If junior high and high school students enrolled in Education/ Teaching Career Academies/Pathways/Programs were educational resources in their Districts and student-advisors for beginning teachers? What might professional development become if increasingly Education/ Teaching Academies became site-based centers for Professional Development in their Districts?

Over the past few years, we have more than quadrupled the number of high school Education/Teaching Career Academies/Pathways/Programs in California. Additional districts and high schools are developing new Education Academies/Pathways/Programs with new Partnership Academy, Specialty Schools, and Small Schools State and Federal funding. These schools need assistance with curriculum development, with building local partnerships, with supporting student success, and with connecting to larger professional development and school reform communities. They need to understand the various post-secondary pathways to become Education Professionals.

The BaySCAN Teaching & Learning Careers Network supports these efforts by bringing together teachers and resources, and by growing the partnerships needed to bring the vision to reality.


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