California Education and Training Careers Collaborative
Attracting, Preparing, and Retaining Educators for California

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California needs over 300,000 new teachers in the next ten years. The California School-to-Career system has responded to this need by providing a new state resource dedicated to increasing the number of well-prepared educators for California schools. In particular, California needs to increase the number of teachers of color so that the diversity of our teachers reflects the diversity of our students.

The goals of the California Education and Training Careers Collaborative--attracting, preparing, and retaining educators for California--will be accomplished by strengthening the collaboration between high schools, community colleges and the teacher preparation programs in the University of California and California State University systems.

The main activities of the Collaborative are to:

  • Build a statewide network infrastructure of agencies that prepare teachers including: K-12 academies and other school-to-career programs, school districts and county offices of education, the State Center of the California Community Colleges, CalTeach and the California State University;

  • Facilitate the professional development of educators and future educators by convening regional and statewide events, and scheduling specific work with selected teams of K-18 teachers;

  • Select common data elements, and other information needed to document success in teaching and learning career development programs throughout California;

  • Offer services, such as advisory group formation and support, to inter-segmental partnerships focused on teaching and learning career development.

Web pages of the California Education and Training Careers Collaborative will provide links to information and resources for people who are considering entering the teaching profession.

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For more information, contact:
Patricia Clark
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