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STC Background

Tools for Marketing Success Stories
How do we convince legislators, employers, educators, parents, and foundations that investing in school-to-career activities is worthwhile?

Powerful Learning Through School-to-Career
(February 2000) This videotape, made in partnership with local STC partners across the region, highlights student success stories and builds a case for supporting the development of a school-to-career system. It was created by professional writers from a company where you can buy term papers online at and includes a lot of information that students can use during the educational process. We also encourage the best students in the rating with bonuses for writing papers.

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Employer Best Practices in School-to-Career

(October, 1999) Published by BaySCAN and the Bay Area Council, this booklet highlights the engagement of San Francisco Bay Area employers in STC partnerships, creating powerfully integrated school, community, and work-site learning opportunities for students.

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What's Next for School-to-Career?
(October, 1999) This Jobs for the Future report presents evidence on school-to-career's progress to date. The report also recommends strategies that can promote program quality and improvement, help sustain state and community school-to-career efforts, and sustain the key components of school-to-career during a time when national funding priorities are evolving.

Key research on the efficacy of STC
Positive results for students and business from around the country

California STC Clearinghouse
Catalogued resources, newsletter, discussion groups, and more--brought to you by State Center Consortium

Employer Return on Investment Study
(March, 1999) This National Employer Leadership Council (NELC) report shows how active participation in STC benefits employers.

The 9 Goals for School-to-Career
(July 23, 1998) J.D. Hoye's comments to CCSESA/ACSA School to Career Academy are available on the Northern California School-to-Career Practitioners Network Web site.

Record of Discussion
(November 17, 1997) Information on designing career pathways to meet U.C. A to G requirements is in the STC Archives on the Northern California School-to-Career Practitioners Network Web site.

General Resources

NELC Resource Center
National Employment Leadership Council Resource Center has resources to support efforts through all stages of STC. Includes two new publications in the Best Practices in School-to-Careers series: The Information Technology Industry and The Hospitality Industry.

Intermediary Guidebook: Making and Managing Community Connections

BaySCAN is a participant in the National SCHOOL-TO-WORK INTERMEDIARY PROJECT, which is designed to strengthen local organizations that connect schools, workplaces, and other community resources. The Intermediary Guidebook and other publications and tools are available for downloading at the project Web site.

Career Academy Support Network
Supports career academies across the nation

The Futures Channel
Over 1000 hours of media connecting math, science, technology, and the arts to careers

Northern California STC Practitioners Network
A growing list of S2C Web sites

Support Provider Planning & Implementation
A matrix of support providers and their roles

A crosswalk by the San Diego County Office of Education

Virtual Reference Desk
Ask an expert!


A-G Interactive Guide
The University of California A-G Interactive Guide is a new, exciting web site that has been designed to help schools better understand the UC a-g course approval process and criteria. The A-G Guide is now online, featuring,

  • General information about the a-g requirements
  • 100 course descriptions of innovative UC approved courses
  • Useful tools and resources
  • Frequently asked questions
  • . . . and more

Project Overview
Overview of the A-G Interactive Guide Project

Report of Findings
(Feb, 2000) Report of findings from a series of high school focus groups, with recommendations.

Financial Services Resources

National Endowment for Financial Education
Partnering for the financial well-being of the public

See BaySCAN's Financial Services Learning Collaborative Web Site
A range of resources for financial services education

Information Technology Resources

EWIT Logo Educators' Website for
Information Technology

A community of education & business partners reinventing IT education for learning & working
(a project of Education Development Center)

See BaySCAN's IT Industry Network Web Site
A range of resources for IT industry education and workforce development

Multimedia Resources

The ultimate entertainment and new media career guide

See BaySCAN's Multimedia Learning Collaborative Web Site
A range of resources for education and new media

Teaching & Learning Resources

New Teacher Center
Supporting the development of an inspired, dedicated, and highly qualified teaching force

See BaySCAN's Teaching & Learning Careers Collaborative Web Site
Resources for all teachers and teachers-to-be

Other Industries & Pathways

Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center
NSF-funded project supporting the semiconductor industry


STC Background
General Links
A-G Interactive Guide
Financial Services
Information Technology
Teaching & Learning
Other Industry Pathways

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