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September 18, 1998


We know the big holiday season is rapidly approaching and it's difficult to see past January 1, 1999, but BaySCAN, the California School-to-Career Partnership, and all the Local Partnerships are requesting that you to put February 2, 1999 -- Ground Hog Job Shadow Day on your calendar NOW!

This will be a terrific opportunity to connect all of our day-to-day partnership work to one Super Event! This is a national event that will be celebrated everywhere and can have a lasting impact for months before and after!

Employers and educators and beginning to plan now to make this a successful event. There's a great video with highlights of national news coverage of Ground Hog Job Shadow Day last year. Your local partnership STC Director has a copy.

Each Local School to Career Partership is now gearing up, making plans, contacting employers, arranging transportation ... all to provide a terrific structured job shadowing experience for students in the BaySCAN region!

Time to start NOW! We need our partner organizations to work with the Local Directors in each partnership to make this an easy, fun, educational opportunity.

  • Teachers can start preparing students during November, December and January through classroom activities.
  • Students can work with their parents(with help from their classes) to create questions and lists of things to look for and explore.
  • Students can start thinking about what happens after Job Shadow Day. Teachers can structure assignments aroung their experience, including writing to their parents about their visits, connecting to existing curriculum, etc. (there are resources!)
  • Superintendents, college presidents, principals, mayors, police chiefs, local legislators, news anchors, CEO's, can be identified and committed to participate. They can encourage others--using Chamber and Rotary luncheons and other organization events.
  • Employers, parents, and support organizations can become acquainted with the great work of the local partnerships.

Start now! If you need information about your local partnership, contact us we'll connect you to the right resources!!

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