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Teaching & Learning Careers Network

The need for highly skilled teachers is ever increasing. Class size reduction, the retirement of veteran teachers, and many other factors have led to a significant teacher shortage. Additionally, the skills required of teachers to meet the needs of students and communities, especially in areas such as technology, is rapidly changing.

The Teaching and Learning Careers Network aims to address teacher shortages by facilitating the hands-on education of tomorrow's teachers and other education professionals. This will be accomplished through building partnerships and programs at various schools throughout the Bay Area that have established or are planning career academies or pathways for teaching and learning careers. The Network has also established an interactive learning community to encourage communication between professionals and pre-service or potential educators in both existing and start-up programs.

Goals of the Teaching and Learning Careers Network include:

  • Assisting academies in creating and implementing team and individual professional development plans
  • Facilitating access to rich professional development opportunities for teachers and students
  • Organizing professional learning networks among participating schools, higher education institutes, and community-based organizations
  • Creating a community and culture of ongoing learning, through activities such as retreats and informal study groups
  • Providing, as needed, technical assistance to academies with an educational focus
  • Enhancing and enriching existing programs, partnerships, and academies in teaching and learning careers.

TLCNet Participating Schools
Liberty High School, Brentwood
Oak Grove High School, San Jose
Oakland Technical High School
Vintage High School, Napa
Foothill High School, Pleasanton
Skyline High School, Oakland
Drake High School, San Anselmo
Mt. Shadows Middle School, Rohnert Park
James Logan High School, Union City
Independence High School, San Jose
Napa High School, Napa
Prospect High School, Saratoga
Seaside High School, Seaside
North Monterey High School, Castroville
Everett Alvarez High School, Salinas

TLCNet Partner Organizations
Marin County School-to-Career Partnership
Mendocino County School-to-Career Partnership
Monterey Bay Regional Partnership
Napa County Business Education Labor Partnership
San Francisco School-to-Career Partnership
San Mateo County School-to-Career Partnership
Workforce Silicon Valley
Solano County Business & Education Alliance
Sonoma County School-to-Career Partnership
California State University, Hayward
Alameda County Office of Education
Center for Human Resources, Heller Graduate School, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass

BaySCAN's Teaching & Learning Careers Network is generously supported by the Walter S. Johnson Foundation.

Co-chairs: Bette Felton (CSU, Hayward); Kim Ford (Walter S. Johnson Foundation)
Co-Directors: Patricia Clark, (Alameda County Office of Education); Ana Maria Rodriguez, (CSU, Hayward)

For more information on the Teaching and Learning Careers Network, contact:

Patricia Clark, Coordinator
(510) 670-4226 |

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