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Ex'pression Center
for New Media

(From the Press Kit):

EXPRESSION CENTER FOR NEW MEDIA is a total-immersion boot camp where artists and technicians in digital visual media and sound arts are taught every aspect of their crafts. During an intense 14 months of study, students are taught by and work with the best practitioners and equipment that industry can offer. They are trained to work creatively and productively in group situations. When graduates leave their Expression family behind, they will be prepared to immediately assume sought-after jobs in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, or any of the arts and high technology centers around the world.

TOTAL IMMERSION. Students attend school about 45 hours a week, nine hours a day, for 14 months. They have an average of three hours of classroom instruction per day and six hours of hands-on training in real -- not simulated -- working environments. They are taught by people currently working in the same fields to which students aspire, as well as from visiting celebrities in those crafts. They are also required to learn a few things about life, so they don't have to spend time learning those lessons the hard way. They are treated not as a student ID number or a nameless face in a lecture hall, but as a member of a family. Classroom situations will have a student-teacher ratio of 30-1, lab situations 6-1. If Expression graduates don't have a job in their field of study within six months of graduating from school, they can come back to learn more of whatever they need to do so - at no additional cost.

Karen Wertman
Director of Marketing

Expression Center for New Media
6601 Shellmound St.
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 594-6920
fax (510) 658-3414
School Web site