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Castlemont High School
Computer Academy

Castlemont's Computer Academy gives students a chance to develop basic computer skills and an understanding of the "information superhighway." Students have written a "modest proposal" to bring community support to the Academy, illustrating the need to give African-American students the skills to end the cycle of poverty in their community. The students hope to raise the capital to get the hardware and software that the school needs, form community partnerships with professionals that can teach the skills necessary for the college/business environment, and offer classes to the community to fund inevitable upgrades to hardware and software.

Students have found other innovative ways to fund their Academy. They have opened a café in the Oakland Airport, and also created a vegetable garden. The next step, according to the students, is to develop a marketing campaign that will take their ideas to the next level. Current supporters of their efforts include VIEWlogic, One 2 VELOCITY, Golden Age Showcase TV productions, and the Nia Corporation.

Violet Chew-Maclean
Arts & Entertainment Academy

Castlemont High School
8601 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA
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