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Student Web Sites

Vietnam War Vets
In 1999 our students interviewed people with who experienced the War, and produced this oral history Web site from what they learned.

, San Mateo Middle College High School

The Cultural Mythology Project
This is an integrated English - Multimedia project that represents the efforts of the 44 seniors of the Mt. Diablo High School's Digital Safari Multimedia Academy. As a joint English and multimedia assignment, student teams chose a particular world mythology to study. Their task was to research a particular culture and to create an informative site for that mythology that highlighted creation myths, beliefs in the afterlife, gods and goddesses, rituals and interactions between humans and gods. During the 8 week assignment, student teams were completely responsible for all aspects of research, design, graphic development and FTP and management on the Web. The project was accomplished using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2, Flash 4 and Director 7, Bryce 4 and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The site had to be evaluated on the Web or it got no credit.

, The Digital Safari, Mt. Diablo High

The Entrepreneurs' Foundation
This site is an example of of the CCOC's pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.


Astronomy Interactive Online Text
My classes at Alameda High School contribute to this site each semester, and it now represents four years of work. It is getting to the point of being (almost) comprehensive in its scope for the subject of astronomy at the high school level.

, Alameda High School

Fremont High School (Oakland) Media Academy
All students -- all the time. This career-oriented program provides brings together journalism and new media.

, coodinator, TIGER Radio Media Studies

Galileo Online
Created by students, this school Web site features information about Galileo High School, teacher pages, world news, interactive polls, online store, weekly comic, and more. There's always something new at this site.

, Applied Learning & Linkages (A.L.L.)
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology

Marin Academy Student Web Projects
A growing list of student projects published on the Web.

, Director of Educational Technology
Marin Academy

Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project
Click "selected examples" to see project examples on this exemplary project-based learning with multimedia Web site. Click here for a direct connection to the Examples Page.

, Director, Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project

Teacher Web Sites

Jennifer Fraser's Web site
This teacher Web site is a project I started at the New Media Classroom weeklong workshop in North Adams, Massachusetts which I highly recommend to any American Studies teachers. I use the links off this site (see the PROJECTS links) in my American Lit. class.

, San Mateo Middle College High School

I have a Web site with Katherine McMurry (a kindergarten teacher) outlining our curriculum for a study on the 2000 Alaskan Iditarod.
, Santa Teresa High School

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