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Site Visit: Prospect High School
Saratoga, CA
May 7, 1999

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This week I was a guest at the Prospect High School Multi Media Student Exhibition. Prospect High School is located in Saratoga and largely serves families of Campbell and San Jose. At this event, students presented their works in video to parents and members of the advisory board. Career Pathway Coordinator Kristin Williams hosted the evening, and teacher Ron Garcia presented the collection of videos.

The videos presented were representative of a program in which students produce content for a Friday broadcast to the school. While this broadcast is a news-like program, segments are produced as stories. For example, there are ads that promote using the counseling office to resolve conflicts that follow a theme of "We can work it out,"; showing students getting into conflict and seeking guidance from a pro-active staff; proper parking is shown as two students who are late attempt to park in convenient spaces, but the omnipresent administrator is at each one, shaking his head, everywhere the students try to park. Similarly, announcements about school functions are portrayed as stories. Camera and editing skills were clearly evident in the videos, as was sensitivity to story elements such as character and plot. Because the perspectives of many students are included in this ongoing work, the broadcast contributes to a positive school climate.

Ralph Manak
BaySCAN Coordinator