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Site Visit: Central County Occupational Center
San Jose, CA
June 2, 1999

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I recently visited the multimedia program run by Dale Poor at the Central County Occupational Center in San Jose. To prepare students for careers in multimedia, Dale organizes the course so that students learn technical aspects of a range of multimedia-related software and hardware early in the course. Then, students focus on specific projects in areas of their choice. Dale and the class work together to create products in which multimedia components are put together in a critical way.

Similar to a service-learning model, students develop logos, websites, videos, and other promotional materials for organizations in the community. The Entrepreneurs' Foundation website is one example (URL below). Other projects include development of: presentation materials for campus staff, multimedia versions of "employability skills" (similar to SCANS skills), and a sound effects CD that other students can use in projects.

Dale's curriculum includes the following general process:

  1. Students develop and present ideas to clients;
  2. Proposals and specifications are approved by the client;
  3. Products are reviewed through a process of group critique;
  4. Students prepare a written report about their products and the overall experience.

In addition, Dale's program has well-established articulation agreements with local high schools.

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Ralph Manak
BaySCAN Coordinator