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Site Visits

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
Power Lunch, December 17, 1999 -- San Francisco, CA

Vista College Multimedia Program
November 1, 1999 -- Berkeley, CA

Business Magnet Program
@ Santa Teresa High School

October 12, 1999 -- San Jose, CA

Rancho Cotate High School
June 28, 1999 -- Rohnert Park, CA

San Lorenzo High School
June 18, 1999 -- San Lorenzo, CA

Central County Occupational Center
June 2, 1999 -- San Jose, CA

Fremont High School
June 2, 1999 -- Sunnyvale, CA

Prospect High School
May 7, 1999 -- Saratoga, CA

Watsonville High School
April 30, 1999 -- Watsonville, CA

Digital Safari @ Mt. Diablo High School
January 29, 1999 -- Concord, CA

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