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How did you spend your "summer vacation"?

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In June of 1999 a message was sent to the mmnet listserv requesting responses to the following questions:

  1. What activities are you engaged in this summer?
  2. What is your biggest goal for next year?
  3. What features/information would you find useful in BaySCAN mmnet Web pages?
The responses are summarized in the table below.

It's not to late to participate!
on the questions today.

mmnet Member Summer Activity Goals for
Judith Bell
Multimedia Program Director
San Jose City College
Teaching students (name of course: Beginning 3D Modeling and Animation) Complete the curriculum for a project-based learning multimedia class and launch it in the Fall of 2000.
Bette Felton
Professor/Exec Asst to the Pres
California State University, Hayward
  • Teaching teachers (name of course: helping plan TLCC South Carolina inservice)
  • Attending workshops or summer institutes (name: STC Academy Palm Springs-two presentations, 4 meetings)
  • Planning an interdisciplinary cluster course on Genetics and Health
Secure funding for three programs in health and teaching
Robert Fishtrom
  Social Studies
  Web Design
Sequoia High School
Redwood City
This summer: Teaching summer school, helping develop the AAL (anytime anywhere learning) laptop project for Sequoia, working on Curriculum for web course.
Teaching: U.S. History / Government
Personal: Finish Masters Degree in Education
Professional: Initiate the web design course and develop it for the entire school to create another new pathway for students.
Will Fowler
Digital Technology Support
Novato USD
San Marin Communications & Media Academy
Rebuilding the Academy
[ed.note: The Academy was destroyed by fire.]
Rebuild our program.
Jennie Fraser
San Mateo Middle College High School
Attending workshops or summer institutes (name: The New Media Classroom at North Adams, Massachusetts) Develop a website for my class, set up a literary chat room for summer reading, investigate websites useful for co-corricular American Studies class, develop internships for students interested in computer tech field.
Michael Jackson
Media Academy Director
PBL Coach
Summer Intern Coordinator
Media Academy
Fremont High School
  • Teaching teachers
  • Media Academy Director, PBL coach, summer intern coordinator (40 students)
Better teacher . . .
Brad Lakritz
Director of Educational Technology
Marin Academy
  • Teaching students
  • Teaching teachers
  • Tending to computers, etc., at my site
Engaging the entire Marin Academy community in conversation about what students should be able to do with regard to technology when they graduate.
Renee Leap
San Mateo High School
Taking 2 French classes at U. C. Berkeley To start showing students how to do multimedia presentations as I make more of my courses project-based.

No multimedia program yet, are in process of becoming a digital high school.
Trudy Marquardt
  Graphic Design
  Desktop Publishing
Rancho Cotate High School
  • Teaching teachers (web design)
  • Writing a book on 3-D Studio Max
Produce an Animation Festival, with a "trial run" in January or February, leading to an annual event in October.
Betty Martinez
Network Coordinator
Workforce Silicon Valley
  • Attending workshops or summer institutes (WSV 1999 Summer Leadership Institute )
  • Coordination of WSV 1999 Summer Leadership Institute
Increase engagement of campuses in Work Base Learning activities
Lance McVay
  TV Communications
  Media Coordinator
SLz-TV: Rebelvision
San Lorenzo High School
Attending workshops or summer institutes (name:CTAP technology training) Getting a non-linear editing system, expanding and improving cross curricular lessons, expanding network of industry contacts for student field trips and/or internships.
Charles Mosher
  Cisco Network Academy
  A+ Computer Repair + CAD
Lynbrook High School
San Jose
  • Teaching teachers (name of course: IISME Midsummer Conference)
  • Attending workshops or summer institutes (name:Mechanical Desktop 4 roll out training, Cisco Network Academy training, Web publishing @ the Tech)
  • 8 week IISME Fellowship @ Lockheed Martin restructuring the Environmental Health and Safety department's web site.
Move to a new school [Lynbrook] and set up three programs.
Irene Perez
  Computer Applications
Leland High School
San Jose
Attending workshops or summer institutes (name: ACE Summer Institute (Intel & HP)) I just changed to this school. Want to get computers up and running and have a smooth transition. Want to see what they have, what they can get and how quickly.
Linda Sparling
Business Magnet Coordinator
Desktop Publishing Instructor
Business Magnet Desktop Publishing Career Path
Santa Teresa High School
San Jose
  • Teaching teachers (name of course: Technology Software Training
  • Attending workshops or summer institutes (Santa Clara County Office of Ed. Internet Institute)
  • Tending to computers etc. at my site (Supervising 4 labs, 3 Mac & 1 PC)
  • Writing integrated desktop publishing curriculum w/3 instructors in art business, and English
To apply for a CA Partnership Grant and implement the latest technology in 2 desktop publishing computer labs/60 stations

Update (8/23/99)

I wanted to share my work this summer with you. Katherine McMurry (a Kindergarten Teacher) and I will be doing an integrated teaching unit through the fall and winter on the Alaskan Iditarod in March. I hope to go to the start of the race in Anchorage on March 4 with my sister Janet and her husband, Bob. It's a "thrilling" subject we hope kids will want to read about, write about, and talk about to eachother--Kindergarteners and High School Desktop Publishers! Check out our site; now we write the lesson plans!!!