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Media Coverage: August 31, 1999

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Over the summer a handful of stories related to our work appeared in the media (if you know of others, ). Here is a brief list, with links you can follow for more information:

New Media News (4/16/99): "Closing the Digital Divide through School Programs"
The Digital Safari Academy at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord was featured in an excellent story, which can be found at

New Media News is an internationally syndicated television show airing on KRON-TV, Bay-TV, and Knowledge TV.

The Digital Safari Website can be viewed at:

Wall Street Journal (6/16/99): "Palo Alto High: High Tech, High Anxiety"
This article starts: "When a group of students at Palo Alto High School build their robot, they had trouble running the design animation program. So they built a supercomputer. ..." and goes on to descibe the programs and the evolving culture at this digital high school. While students have "digital lockers" to store their work, courses in Web design, and video equipment for making documentaries, what underlies the work of teachers and students is a belif in success.
(article submitted by Doug Bertain, teacher at Paly, )

The Industry Standard (6/21/99): "Some Interns Didn't Go to Stanford"
This article highlights the important partnerships between New Media companies and OpNet. These partnerships not only provide invaluable opportunities for talented young people but also provide companies with access to a valuable source of potential new talent.

The article can be viewed at:,1449,5193,00.html.

OpNet's Website can be viewed at:

(7/22/99)The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project web site ...
was recognized for its outstanding quality by two major educational organizations. One, Knowledge Network, part of Pacific Bell's Education First Initiative, gave the site a 4-star rating and added the site to its library of Blue Ribbon learning sites. The other, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) included the Multimedia Project among recommended sites related to learning through inquiry.

The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project web site is found at:

More information about Knowledge Network's "Blue Web'n" awards may be found at:

To view a copy of the ASCD Bulletin, see:


Ralph Manak
BaySCAN Coordinator