Developing the Workforce for Information Technology in the Bay Area

Careers in Information Technology are growing and changing rapidly leaving our high schools and colleges struggling to keep up. Many local programs exist in schools and industry to begin to address this issue. But, are these local solutions poised to meet the challenge at the needed speed and scale?

On April 7, 2001 more than 120 information technology industry executives, school administrators, and representatives from government, foundations, industry associations and community-based organizations gathered at Silicon Graphics, Inc. for a half-day event titled LEARNING AT THE SPEED OF CHANGE. Out of this event, the participants agreed on the need to launch a network to pursue regionwide strategies to ensure a prepared, agile and sustainable IT workforce for the Bay Area. A team from this event is currently developing a proposed plan for the network. Stay tuned to this website and join the LEARNING AT THE SPEED OF CHANGE mail list for news and updates on next steps.

To find out more -- and to participate in the network -- you can:

Upcoming Activity:
An opportunity to share information about resources for IT workforce development in your community

LEARNING AT THE SPEED OF CHANGE is supported by a broad range of industry and education associations including: Bay Area Council, Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network, Information Technology Association of America, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, Workforce Silicon Valley, Silicon Graphics, Inc., Bay Area Multimedia Partnership, National Alliance of Business, Bay Area Industry Education Council, Software Development Forum, San Francisco School-to-Career Partnership, Bay Area Skills Consortium and American Electronics Association.

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