Developing the Workforce for Information Technology in the Bay Area

The ITAA Policy Prescription

ITAA Workforce and Education Agenda

Get Involved in Public/Private Partnerships
  • Workforce Investment Act
    • Drives Skill Shortage Issues to Local Level
    • Enlists Business Leadership
    • Facilitates Employee Re-skilling
  • ITAA Sponsored WIB Workshop with
    DOL Secretary and CEOs
    • National School-to-Work Office
    • More than 17 regional symposia, 2400 leaders
    • Growing network of Centers of Excellence
    • Techforce Initiative (www.techworkforce.org/programs/stw.htm)
    • Webcasts and more in Year 3
    • Building Linkages -- improving IT education

Harris Miller, President, Information Technology Association of America
The National Perspective, February 7, 2001
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