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You can search the database by county, and by either job category or job title. Definitions of job categories are below.

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Health & Bioscience Job Categories

Therapeutic and Diagnostic Careers in Health
Therapeutic careers have functions that maintain or change the health status of the client over time; they include care management, dental assisting, dietetics, home health, medical assisting, nursing, pharmacy, rehabilitation, respiratory care, social work, and others.

Diagnostic functions create a picture of a client's health status at a single point in time; they include cardiology, imaging, medical laboratory, radiography, and others.


Administration and Information Services
Administration and information services careers have functions that document and manage client care; they include medical records management, risk management, health care finance, health care administration, utilization review, unit coordination, and others.


Environmental Services
Environmental Services functions provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of health care; they include sanitarians, environmental engineers, central supply, facility maintenance, food service, housekeeping, and environmental research.


Bioscience Careers
Bioscience careers have functions in the research and production of biological products for the improvement of health and well-being. This includes opportunities in research, development and production of pharmacological products, and therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.


UCSF, California State University, Hayward, the Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network (BaySCAN), and the East Bay Health and Biosciences Careers Collaborative.

This project is funded by CSU Hayward, through grants from The California Endowment and the California HealthCare Foundation via the Center for the Health Professions, University of California, San Francisco.