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FSNet News #3 -- May 14, 1999


1 Announcements:

1.1 Curriculum Workshop
1.2 Classroom, Inc.
1.3 EASTBAY Learns Professional Development

2 Issues:

2.1 Recruitment of Students
2.2 Upgrading Computer Labs

3 Resources:

3.1 "PBL: A Strategy for Teaching & Learning"
3.2 "Business Connections," NY Times


__1.1 Curriculum Workshop

Based on feedback received so far, we are planning our next workshop for Monday, August 9, 1999 at the San Mateo County Office of Education. The focus of the workshop will be curriculum. We are proposing small group discussions on the topic of defining and sharing best practices in the morning and breakout groups in the afternoon with presentations from organizations and vendors that promote projects that can be incorporated into your curriculum. Please reserve this date and let us know if you are interested in attending. Also, please let us know if you know of any organization or vendor that you think the group might be interested in.

__1.2 Classroom, Inc.

Classroom, Inc. recently demonstrated their innovative computer-based simulations of real-life and work-based learning experiences at the Autodesk/BaySCAN offices. Their exciting and engaging software-based curriculum is designed to emphasize SCANS skills. Their Court Square Community Bank simulation includes 119 opportunities to use information skills, 47 to use thinking skills, 30 to use systems thinking, 20 to use interpersonal skills, and 16 to use allocating resources skills. You can get more information at Because of the training and support requirements, purchases are usually made at the school district level. Please check out their web site and let us know what you think. If enough Network schools are interested, BaySCAN will investigate the possibility of being the "system coordinator" for the group so you will not have to get other schools in your district or your district office to commit to being the system coordinator.

__1.3 EASTBAY Learns Professional Development

EASTBAY Learns has offered to include BaySCAN Network schools in their professional development opportunities. Some events that may be of particular interest are "Designing Rubrics with your Students," on May 20; "Making Work-Based and Community-Based Learning More Learning Rich," on May 24; "Using Industry Standards to Design Computer Technology Programs & Curriculum," on June 23-24; "Integrated Curriculum Network Meeting," on June 30; and Connecting Standards and STC," on August 16-18. For information you can contact Jennifer Leung at .


__2.1 Recruitment of Students

Oak Grove HS shared a concern about trying to recruit a diverse group of students into their program. I shared with them how to set-up and use an investment club that invested real money as one possible strategy to recruit college bound students. Please share your ideas and practices.

__2.2 Upgrading Computer Labs

Santa Teresa HS expressed a concern about identifying funding sources so they can upgrade their business computing lab. Please share your ideas and practices.


__3.1 "PBL: A Strategy for Teaching & Learning"

Diana Wolf of Bank of America recently submitted a referral for this book. This in-depth manual was developed with extensive input from teachers. It includes an overview of PBL, a discussion of major elements of PBL, detailed instructions on planning and implementing learning-rich projects, and print and internet resources and examples of interesting projects. You can get more information, including order information at

__3.2 "Business Connections," NY Times

NY Times, is a listing of web links to various financial and investing resources. The categories are markets, investing, company information, banking & finance, government & public organizations, business & financial news, business directories, and miscellany. Browse, I suspect you will find some information or web sites that you can use in your classes.