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FSNet News #1 -- March 31, 1999

Network Plans

The Financial Services Network (FSNet) had its kickoff meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1999. It was an enthusiastic meeting attended by over forty people representing teams from 16 high schools from Sonoma to Monterey. Participants shared best practices, identified common problems, and shared some great ideas in addition to having the opportunity to network with other practitioners.

One of the dayís outcomes was the development of a system that will identify best practices and advance the development of our STC models. Once this information is gathered, it will be communicated and opportunities for technical assistance and professional development will be provided.

In order to accomplish these goals, we are organizing the FSNet with the following ideas and components:

  • BaySCAN as a resource/information broker
  • Issue forums
  • Communications
  • Site visitation program
  • Regional advisory councils
  • Meetings/workshops/professional development

BaySCAN as Resource/Information Broker
One of the key roles of BaySCANís program coordinator will be to identify issues, concerns, solicit feedback from the Network members, and disseminate information that will help us refine our definition of best practices and target areas for support. We have great expertise, knowledge, and experience within our practitioner group and by identifying and organizing this wealth of information we can make all of our work that much easier.

Issues Forums
Members of the Network will come together around programmatic issues to focus on quality measures; to document the approaches that others have used; to perform an analysis to identify any gaps in existing strategies; use the gap analysis to conduct targeted research/problem solving; and, finally, to find an appropriate way to "publish" findings so the rest of the Network can benefit.

The Network recognizes how busy everyone is and the need to make the best use of our time, especially considering how geographically dispersed we are as a group. Please encourage anyone you think could benefit from the Network to email me to request to be added to the listserv. In addition to the listserv, we will use conference calls, the BaySCAN web site, newsletters, and meetings/workshops.

Site Visits
Another way to exchange information within the Network is through site visits made by BaySCANís coordinator. Site visits will provide the basis to begin compiling site profiles that will be published as part of a Network directory that will be distributed to the Network members. Also, the site visits can be used for technical assistance and/or consulting.

Regional Advisory Council
A regional advisory council will be established to complement school site advisory boards by focusing on regional issues such as the development of industry standards, development and validation of curriculum, the development of a regional employer engagement plan, and the negotiation of regional articulation agreements.

Future Meetings/Workshops/Professional Development
Future meetings will be limited to two or three per year and will provide opportunities for networking, sharing Issues Forum results in a workshop type format, and provide professional development opportunities specifically appropriate for the Network.

I hope you agree that this structure will help us all achieve great success and have a significant impact on teaching and learning at our schools. School sites will be contacted shortly to follow up on some of the above action items. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, or criticism please do not hesitate to . I am especially looking forward to receiving submissions to the listserv.