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FSNet News #18 -- September 12, 2000


1 Announcements:

1.1 TV story about STC
1.2 Financial Services FutureCareers Expo

2 Issues & Best Practices:

2.2 Calif. STC Clearinghouse

3 Resources:

3.1 "The Ethics Policy: Mind-Set Over Matter"
3.2 A Revealing Ethics Story
3.3 Creating Rubrics: Tools You Can Use
3.4 Youth2K Summit


__1.1 TV story about STC

ABC Channel 7 will be running a story on Charles Schwab's involvement in STC. The segment will run roughly from 5:45 to 5:50 a.m. on September 22, 2000. Set your VCRs!

__1.2 Financial Services FutureCareers Expo

Since our previous announcement of this exciting event that brings students, teachers, and industry together to provide examples of life-long learning in a financial services industry context, the response has been great. We have registrations for over 200 participants. We may have to cap registration at 300 depending on how we resolve some logistical issues at Pac Bell Park. If you are interested in attending this November 15, 2000 conference you need to register soon. If you would like more details email .



Many teachers, administrators, and parents think of STC strictly in vocational education terms and don't see how career majors can be used to improving teaching and learning for every student. A BaySCAN presentation at the California Partnership Academy Conference in Burlingame and the STC Academy Conference in San Diego explains how tightly the goals of SCANS, STC, and the WASC accreditation process are aligned. The presentation shows how implementing a STC program satisfies almost every aspect of the WASC Focus on Learning goals. In addition, the presentation gives examples of how a school can use SCANS to rigorously and measurably achieve expected school-wide learning results (ESLR's). If you would like more information and/or a presentation at your school, email .

__2.2 Calif. STC Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse is funded by the California STC InterAgency Partners to increase communications among the many STC partners. The Clearinghouse has a resource library containing over 1,500 books and videotapes accessible through an online catalog/internet checkout system. In addition, the STC Practices Library contains lesson plans, templates, manuals, and other downloadable materials that practitioners are sharing through the use of the website. Finally, the site also has an interactive calendar of events, links to valuable STC related sites, electronic newsletters, and discussion groups. You can access the site at


__3.1 "The Ethics Policy: Mind-Set Over Matter"

Jeffrey L. Seglin of the NY Times used a KPMG study about organizational impact of ethics programs in industry to discuss the connection between ethics and the bottom line. The KPMG study found "employees are observing widespread illegal and unethical conduct in the workplace despite the presence of ethics programs." The article goes on to ask whether these ethics programs are failing or if employees are better able to identify unethical behavior when they see it. The article reports "a link between how employees perceive the ethical climate in which they're working and a company's key performance measures for profitability." This article could be used to introduce or develop business ethics as theme of study that can be used to integrate curriculum. If you would like a copy of this article email your request to .

__3.2 A Revealing Ethics Story

From our observations of the media we know that sex is used to sell. Sex not only sells among the public at large, but with our students too. The Associated Press recently reported an article titled "Former Wall St. Exec Gets 8 Months for Giving Inside Information to Porn Star." This article covers some of the basics of insider trading in the context of an executive sharing information with his mistress who happened to be a porn star. If nothing else, the article should grab the attention of your students. If you would like a copy of the article, .

__3.3 Creating Rubrics: Tools You Can Use

Everything you ever wanted to know about rubrics. This Education World web page explains why and how to use rubrics with lots of examples and tools. Check it out at

__3.4 Youth2K Summit

J.D. Hoye is developing a forum to give youth a voice in education reform. Check out the Youth2K Summit website at for more information. In particular, check out the "youth resource network" page for links to organizations that support business related career path activities. These organizations can be a valuable resource.

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