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FSNet News #13 -- January 21, 2000


1 Announcements:

1.1 Job Posting--Applied Learning & Linkages
1.2 Calif. Partnership Academy Conference
1.3 ISSME Summer Fellowships

2 Issues & Best Practices:

2.1 Redesigned Web Site
2.2 Addressing the "Exploitation" Perception

3 Resources:

3.1 NY Times Outlook 2000
3.2 Once More Unto Shakespeare for Lessons on Leadership


__1.1 Job Posting--Applied Learning & Linkages
POSITION: Program Director, Applied Learning and Linkages

Applied Learning and Linkages' (ALL) mission is to increase student learning by linking the school community with industry partners to integrate curriculum, build skills, and challenge young people to make informed career and educational choices. ALL is a school to career effort, a collaboration between Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, Chinese for Affirmative Action and Community Educational Services.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director
START DATE: Immediately
SALARY: $30,000 - $34,000 DOE plus full benefits


  1. Oversee ALL program activities, and supervises program staff - hiring, coaching, supervising, problem solving and staff development for Americorps/VISTA staff members.
  2. Develop goals and new program directions in collaboration with program staff, CES Executive Director and other stakeholders.
  3. Develop and/or maintain a minimum of two Industry Partnerships connected to individual classes at Galileo.
  4. Enhance and facilitate ALL Advisory Board to assist with resource development, marketing and outreach.
  5. Coordinates ALL's work with other CES program areas.
  6. Develops and secures funding, in conjunction with CES ED, for ALL Program Budget.
  7. Ensures the fulfillment of evaluation, performance and reporting obligations for funders, maintains accurate records and database.
  8. Develops and monitors the program budget with CES ED and full charge bookkeeper.
  9. Networks and markets ALL to funders, SFUSD, educators, other CBOs and youth development organizations, policy makers, Partners, local businesses, civic leaders and the general community. (Internal and External)
  10. Develop curriculum, standards, handbooks and materials as needed for program.
  11. Facilitate, with administration and staff, implementation of the school wide STC system and integration of career pathways at GA.
  12. Other program duties as needed.


  1. Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university.
  2. Minimum of 5 - 7 years experience in youth development, employment and training, school reform, program development or working with school to career systems.
  3. Experience working with both community and school based environments, and interacting in the private sector.
  4. Proven ability to develop funds and to successfully monitor budgets and accurately complete reporting requirements.
  5. Highly professional communication skills essential.
  6. Experience hiring, coaching, supervising, and motivating program staff.
  7. Excellent organizational, written and oral communication skills.
  8. Highly motivated, with the ability to work independently and in a team setting.
  9. Prefer experience working with young people, and an ethnically, culturally and economically diverse community.
  10. Computer proficiency crucial, including Filemaker Pro, Power Point and Excel.

TO APPLY: Send resume to ALL Director, CES, 80 Fresno Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 7, 1999. Position open until filled. FAX (415) 434-3128 (please send hard copy to address above)

__1.2 Calif. Partnership Academy Conference

Information about the CPA Conference can be found at This conference is in Burlingame and always is a great resource. BaySCAN will host a workshop on using SCANS to integrate curriculum while acing your WASC at the conference. If you would like more information about this presentation .

__1.3 ISSME Summer Fellowships

One great way for teachers to develop industry experience is to participate in externships--an opportunity to develop hands-on knowledge of the industry while getting paid. IISME is still accepting Summer Fellowship applications and is expecting this summer to be another record breaking year in which they offer more Fellowships than ever before.

Teachers are encouraged to apply to the Summer Fellowship Program as an outstanding opportunity for professional development. The deadline for applications has been extended to February 29th. You can download guidelines and an application from the IISME web site at Encourage other teachers to consider applying!


__2.1 Redesigned Web Site

BaySCAN has redesigned its Web site. The FSNet has its own home page at check it out. Past newsletters have been archived and are accessible through the Web site.

If you know of any good resources, please share them with the Network by sending me an email with the information and I will include it in the newsletter and post it on the web site. Examples of resources might be curriculum, textbooks, web sites, or any other helpful tools or information.

I recently mailed a survey. We plan on posting the survey results on the web site so you can get an idea of who is doing what. We want to provide a quick and easy way for you to share best practices and collaborate. If you haven't returned the survey, please do so soon. If you need another copy, please and I will be happy to send you one.

__2.2 Addressing the "Exploitation" Perception

The December 28, 1999 Christian Science Monitor ran an article about the popularity of STC programs throughout the country. The article both praised STC programs and highlighted some of the objections--the exploitation of students as a cheap labor source as an example.

An excellent point was illustrated through a statement made by Steve Hamilton, co-director of the Cornell Youth & Work Program. He is quoted as saying "Internships are a learning opportunity that need to be as carefully planned and structured as classroom time." Words of wisdom indeed.

To get the most out of a work-based learning experience it is important for the student to have specific and explicit learning goals and should be designed to reinforce school-based learning. BaySCAN, EDC, New Ways to Work, and Workforce Silicon Valley were awarded a grant by the Irvine foundation to look at ways to enhance work-based learning. The results will be published soon.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the Christian Science Monitor article or the "Work-based Learning Enhancement Project" findings .


__3.1 NY Times Outlook 2000

The NY Times Business Section web site has a special that includes topics like wealth; transitions in the structure of our economy; globalization of money; new relationships between economic expansion and inflation; trends in international economics and country reports on Japan, China, Russia, Europe, and Latin America; and changes in financial markets. This special has lots of examples of how abstract concepts effect us. You can access the special report at

__3.2 Once More Unto Shakespeare for Lessons on Leadership

This Dec. 22, 1999 New York Times article by Doreen Carvajal looks at how characters from Shakespeare's various plays can provide models for effective management leadership today. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Business revolves around people, and no one has either the depth of insights into people or the appeal to reveal those depths greater than Shakespeare," said Mr. Adelman, who acknowledges that some executives remain wary about such lessons because of the fear that they know little about Shakespeare or -- O viper vile! -- might be forced to don tights.

Mr. Adelman has also written a new management guide, "Shakespeare in Charge," with Norman R. Augustine, a former chief executive of Lockheed Martin. The guide, published by Talk Miramax Books - an imprint of Hyperion -- is just one title in an expanding collection of new business books that take a Globe Theater view of mergers and acquisitions, public relations and productivity.

In the executive suite version of Shakespeare, Henry V is a flexible leader and a motivational speaker who exudes confidence and rallies his followers by masking private doubts. His treatment of errant followers is decisive (translation: executions), but he is also capable of great charm and humor during critical merger talks (translation: a marriage proposal for the anxious French princess, Katherine).

Sounds like some great possibilities for integrating English into the career major curriculum. If you have done anything similar, please share your experiences with the Network--.

Wesley Leung, FSNet Coordinator