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The National School-to-Work Office
Everything you want to know about STC (good links).

California's STC Net
Everything you want to know about STC in California.

California Department of Education Partnership Academies
Check out the Critical Program Elements page.

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Critical Issues in School-to-Work Transition is a research-based framework for developing STC programs (good links).

Department of Labor
Download publications and legislation related to SCANS (also some good links).

School Reform

Bay Area School Reform Collaborative
Excellent process for undertaking reform with good exemplars.

U.S. Dept. of Education
Learn about the New American High School initiative.

Calif. Dept. of Education
An explanation of how standards will be implemented in California. Includes approved and draft versions of the standards.

San Diego County Office of Education
This is a crosswalk between the principles of STC and WASC.

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Excellent source of research on different aspects of school reform.


Financial Literacy 2001
Resources include a free financial education teaching guide ("Basics of Saving and Investing?"), newsletters, and a forum.

National Endowment for Financial Education
Partnering for the financial well-being of the public

Buck Institute for Education
Problem Based Economics curriculum and training

Classroom, Inc.
Computer simulations of work-based learning (two banking simulations).

Learning Experiences Online Database
STC based lesson plans organized by academic discipline.

A collection of professional humor for the benefit of economists as well as non-economists

Economic resources for K-12 teachers.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Economic education resources.

Virtual Stock Exchange
Monthly stock picking competitions with lots of information and resources.

Stock market game with prizes and teacher's guide.


Saludos Finance and Accounting Career Guide
This site includes descriptions of several financial services industries including banking, financial planning, security brokerage, and others. It provides an industry profile, description of entry-level positions, industry outlook, and salary ranges.

Careers in Finance
This site provides an overview of several financial services career choices and identifies required skills, salaries, and facts and trends in the industry.


School Reform

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