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School-to-Career Evaluation Summary
Compiled by Kern County

April 26, 2000
School To Career evaluation activities in California are in the beginning phase. AB 1873 is designed to make evaluation a critical component of continued funding. Attached are some studies which indicate positive results from STC activities in California.

Kern County - The STC Partnership compared API scores to the general population in high schools where these programs exist.

Arvin High School

34.8% higher API than general population

East Bakersfield

7.8% higher API than general population

Stockdale HS

8.4% higher API than general population

Average 14.8% higher API scores for STC students
(including "At Risk") compared to general school population.

UC Riverside Study - This is a longitudinal study in its early stages. However, they report positive initial results.

The study covers 11,108 eleventh grade students in 61 high schools in 14 districts.

Preliminary results show a positive impact in four categories:

All Students

STC Students

Meet UC Requirements



Take AP Classes



Complete Algebra (9th Grade)



Receive A & B Grades



While STC results are lower than college-prep students only,
it is important to note that STC includes "At Risk" students.

Workforce Silicon Valley - Report shows business partner contributions from equipment, internships, cash and in-kind generate better than a 2-for-1 return on STC funding dollars.

Conclusion - There are dramatic indications that STC activities increase test scores, increase advanced academic study and generate significant business contributions. These benefits to California will be lost without continued STC funding.