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STC Data: 1998-99

Infrastructure: School participation in STC

Number of Districts

Total number of schools

Number of schools participating in STC

Number of schools having articulation agreement with community college, 4-year university, or advanced training program

Number of schools aligned with categorical programs (i.e.: Tech-prep, JTPA, ROP)

Number of schools using connecting activities to link curriculum and work-based learning

Percentage of "feeder" middle schools that participate in STC (xx schools)

Percentage of elementary schools that participate in STC (xx schools)

Student participation in STC

Student internships

Other work-based learning (i.e.: job shadowing, site visits, mentoring)

Number of Career Pathways

Number of Academies

Number of students who participated in a Career Pathway or Academy

Teacher participation in STC

Number of teachers who participated in workplace experiences (i.e.: internships/externships, job shadowing)

Number of teachers who participated in STC-based professional development activities (other than workplace experiences)

Workplace Partners

Number of employers (public and private sectors) that participate in STC

Number of employers that offer work-based learning opportunities for students and/or teachers

Number of employees that participate in STC

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