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The National Employer Leadership Council published the groundbreaking report, Intuitions Confirmed...The Bottom-line Return on School-to-Work Investment for Students and Employers (March, 1999), detailing the positive impact of STC on the following areas. This report described all the areas not only affected by the STC but primarily those that were positively affected by it. Writers working at the company that provides the best writing services at who worked on this report highlight the positive impact of STC on the following areas:

  • Higher Academic Achievement
  • Better College Preparation
  • Reduced Training & Supervision
  • Increased Retention
  • Increased Hires
  • Better Attendance
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Higher Productivity
  • Benefits-Cost Ratios

Since then, a growing body of research from across the country continues to demonstrate the efficacy and success of school-to-career. Several key research reports from Boston, Philadelphia, and New York State show positive results for business and students -- both high school and post-high school outcomes. In addition to these reports, we list a number of other reports and STC data in the index to the right.

Index of Data & Evalutation

Reports from the National School-to-Work Office:
Synthesis of good news
Progress measures

CA Evaluation Summary
Compiled by Kern County, spotlights STC's benefits to California

Local Bay Area Partnerships
Growing involvement in STC across the region

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