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California Intern Summer Info

Please print, fill-in, and fax this form to:
Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network (BaySCAN)
(510) 795-6498 FAX

(510) 795-6179 PHONE

  Make a pledge of a specific number of internship opportunities this summer.

  Commit resources -- money and time -- to ensuring the success of this
   campaign in your local community.

  Become a corporate Pacesetter sponsor of the campaign through regional media partnerships
   to promote CA Intern Summer 2000 and your organization's participation.

  Help your local School-to-Career Partnership to enlist the support of additional
   business, school and community leaders.

  Work with your local School-to-Career Partnership representative to recruit and
   coach your employees or members for hosting interns.

Yes, contact me about participating in California Intern Summer 2001!


Contact Name:                                                              Title:                                                    



Phone: (       )                                          Fax: (       )                                    


  Please include my organization's name as an endorsee of CA Intern Summer!