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California Intern Summer

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California Intern Summer links business with students to gain career and life experiences for their future. During the summer of 2000, over 50 Bay Area companies participated by hosting and providing work-based learning experiences for one or more interns.

Local Partnerships Celebrate Success of Intern Summer 2000

In Oakland, 511 academy juniors and seniors participated in a 200-hour paid internship at sites throughout the Bay Area. The Oakland partnership celebrated this summer's success at a Reception and Internship Project Exhibition on August 31 at the Oakland Convention Center. Interns displayed and discussed their summer experiences and described their internship projects with employers, parents, and other guests.

At the end of August, Julia Janecki (Business/Education Liaison for EASTBAY Learns) wrote:

I had the privilege of watching 27 student interns at AC Transit receive certificates for completing a summer internship program. Two weeks ago, there was a similar celebration for 25 students at Kaiser Permanente. The week before that, 11 high school students gave presentations on the work they had done at a celebration of the summer internship program at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

These are just a few examples of the incredible work-based learning that many of our students participated in this summer, in quiet examples of School-to-Career in action. This summer, there have been numerous corporations who have worked with their local high schools and colleges to provide these opportunities for students to get a feel for the "real world". And, along with getting a feel for the day-to-day activities of the company that they are working for, the students are learning perhaps something even more valuable: how to build critical life skills: Teamwork. Punctuality and attendance. Problem-solving. Cooperation. These are things that are crucial in the workplace and in life, but are rarely taught in traditional educational settings.

At this morning's celebration at AC Transit, Toni Cook, District Coordinator for Assembly Member Audie E. Bock, presented the students with a Certificate of Accomplishment for their participation in the Student Internship program. "Remember that not everyone gets an opportunity such as this," Ms. Cook told the interns. "Continue to strive for internships and fellowships as you go. Many of our leaders, including our president, have done so. You are our future, and we, as members of your community, expect the absolute best from you." We are grateful for Ms. Cook's remarks, and for Assembly Member Bock's support for this program. Student Internships are a very real means to an end: that every student in our communities be prepared for the careers, whatever they may be. Work-based learning can, and does make a difference in individuals' lives.

Looking to 2001

California Summer Intern 2000 was a big success and will have long-term impact for all who participated. We expect Intern Summer 2001 will be even better. If you are interested in participating, use our fax-back sign-up sheet.