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Building Policy Support

Sustaining current local school-to-career efforts is a top priority for the BaySCAN network. Federal and state "seed" funding for school-to-career partnerships will end in the next few years. As a champion, BaySCAN has identified key organizations that must come together and align resources to help further the mission of these partnerships. In the last year, several accomplishments have become the foundation of our policy support strategy.

Creating a State-Wide Coalition
BaySCAN has convened school-to-career stakeholders and policy makers across the state to initiate new policy and strengthen existing legislation to support school-to-career initiatives. We developed and maintain an electronic listserv for this statewide school-to-career Policy Network to provide regular updates on legislation affecting our work and rapid mobilization of education and industry leaders on key issues.

The BaySCAN Board of Directors and Council of Advisors include members of the Governor's STC Advisory Council and sub-committees. These members influence statewide school-to-career efforts as well as inform BaySCAN partners of information and activities that affect their work. BaySCAN partners also work on state committees to examine existing policy and legislation in areas such as the Education Code and the Workforce Investment Act.

We invest time and support to strengthen education policy issues such as the University of California's high school course acceptance requirements and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). BaySCAN continues to identify and share national legislation, policies, intermediary organizations, and strategies that further California's efforts as a participant in the national School-to-Work Intermediary Project.

Increasing Awareness of School-to-Career
Through our BaySCAN Annual Event and other forums, we regularly convene state leaders and school-to-career stakeholders. These high-profile events set the stage for increased awareness of school-to-career as a means to improve education and workforce development.

Enthusiasm from this Annual Event led BaySCAN to form a Council of Advisors consisting of leaders from education, business, labor, higher education, and the community. Council members are regularly included in local, state, and national events. These leaders, along with state and local policy makers, are also regularly invited to tour classrooms and worksites to dialogue with students and participating employees.

"In order for Bay Area students to receive a quality, meaningful education, schools need continuous participation from the community -- particularly from the businesses that are seeking to employ qualified, skilled, and innovative people. The Bay Area Council is committed to building strong partnerships between employers and schools through School-to-Career."
Sunne Wright McPeak
President & CEO
Bay Area Council

CA STC Policy Network

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