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About BaySCAN

BaySCAN's Purpose:
To Enhance & Leverage Local STC Efforts

As a coalition of organizations, BaySCAN leverages resources so that:

  • employers offering quality work-based learning opportunities can relate to a regional system;
  • schools that are restructuring around "school-to-career" (STC) can share curricula and organizational strategies, and can collaborate around the development of STC programs and career pathways;
  • students have access to opportunities region-wide.

BaySCAN Supports
School-to-Career for Every Student

BaySCAN views School-to-Career as an educational opportunity for all young people, college-bound and non-college bound, and supports K-16 school reform efforts that incorporate the following school-to-career principles developed by the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative (BASRC) School-to-Career Task Force, 1996:

  • a whole school approach offering all students prearation both for college and careers;
  • integrated instruction around broadly defined occupations and other engaging themes;
  • learning that comes from real life experience;
  • instruction driven by performance measures and based upon commonly understood standards;
  • partnerships with key stakeholders, including employers, the community, parents, higher education, and support providers;
  • development of the organizational capacity to realize reform goals.


Local STC Partnerships

Bay Area Industry
Education Council

The San Francisco Foundation

New Ways Workers National