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Reflections on 1999

Welcome, 1999 has seen the Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network (BaySCAN) emerge as a leader in establishing a regional school-to-career system. In this report, we outline accomplishments to date that exemplify BaySCAN's leadership in forging diverse and active partnerships that make a difference for Bay Area youth and local economic development.

Why school-to-career? The gap is widening between skills possessed by high school and college graduates and demands of jobs created in our rapidly changing, technology-driven economy. US Employers spend over $60 Billion a year to train and educate their workforce, much of which goes towards building skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, attention-to-detail, and communication. There needs to be a connection between what young people learn in school and the skills needed for the workplace of tomorrow.

This connection can only happen through active participation of employers, parents and community members in the educational development of students. The relation between the classroom and the world outside helps to illuminate for students the importance of academic study. It also focuses and motivates students in ways that raise the quality of their work and provides a framework for the kinds of thoughtful reflection and action that often lead to ever-higher academic achievement.

The long-term success of school-to-career-and of school reform in general-demands a more systematic approach. A powerful school-to-career system brings together all participants, often to work in new ways, to improve the integration of school- and work-based learning, and to infuse aspects of school-to-career curriculum throughout students' educational experience. BaySCAN plays the unique role of convening organizations and individuals to develop school-to-career as a system that works.

While our accomplishments have been impressive (BaySCAN received the National Alliance of Business's Local Coalition of the Year Award in October 1998), many challenges lie ahead. We encourage you to work with us as we continue to impact education and economic development by bringing together the powerful resources of many committed partners.

Bob Pearlman,                                             Sharon Oldham
President of the Autodesk Foundation            BaySCAN Director of Programs
Chair of the BaySCAN Board of Directors

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