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Reflections on 1998

Since 1997, BaySCAN has been working with individuals, organizations, institutions and employers to ensure Bay Area students have the academic knowledge and skills that equip them to succeed in our changing economy. The original "Founders" created a vision of an independent organization that could link numerous efforts and leverage resources to help students discover the connection between school, work, and life-long learning. As a coalition of partnerships, BaySCAN members believe that fostering this connection between significant learning opportunities in school and in the workplace we will be able to create a sustainable education system directly supported by communities and focused on powerful learning for all students. It is this connection that can increase students' academic achievement and motivation to learn, while better preparing our youth for their adult lives.

1998 Highlights
With initial funding from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation and the National School-to-Work Office, BaySCAN was officially launched in October 1997. BaySCAN was incorporated on March 11, 1998 and became a charitable non-profit on September 22, 1998. Currently, BaySCAN has 5 staff members who work closely with the active Board of Directors. Sharon Oldham, previous Executive Director of the East Bay School-to-Career Partnership, was hired in December 1997, to serve as Director of Programs and manage BaySCAN's activities and staff.

As an exemplary model of an organization cooperating to create a successful coalition, Autodesk Inc., and the Autodesk Foundation, have provided office space and a variety of resources to BaySCAN since November 1997. Bob Pearlman, Autodesk Foundation President, serves as the Chair of the BaySCAN Board of Directors and provides leadership in fulfilling BaySCAN's mission.

Other leaders and organizations providing support through time and resource commitments include the following Board of Directors:

  • Judith Bell, San Jose City College
  • Helen Ramstad, Sonoma County STC Partnership
  • Brady Bevis, Bay Area Multimedia Partnership
  • Richard Schorske, Workforce Silicon Valley
  • Peter Crabtree, Peralta Community College District
  • Roman Stearns, EASTBAY Learns
  • Bette Felton, California State University, Hayward
  • Steve Trippe, New Ways Workers
  • Robert Goetsch, Bay Area Industry Education Council
  • Diana Wolf, Bank of America Foundation

BaySCAN's financial support comes through the combined contributions from private foundations including Walter S. Johnson, Bank of America, Packard, James Irvine, and the Stupski Family Fund of the San Francisco Foundation. This funding, along with the incredible number of hours donated by Board members, local school-to-career partnership directors, and many others, has provided:

  • the launch of 3 industry education networks;
  • a communication network, including a dynamic listserv and web site;
  • active committees, including communications, employer engagement, legislative advocacy, and technology infrastructure, with members from representative organizations throughout the Bay Area;
  • a network of 15 directors of the state-funded local school-to-career partnerships; and
  • the opportunity to collaborate with nationally recognized organizations such as Jobs for the Future, the National Alliance of Business, the Education Development Center, the Human Resources and Development Institute, New Ways Workers, the Corporation for Business, Work and Learning, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to share and create valuable tools and strategies for educators and employers working together to provide learning experiences for students.

BaySCAN is a unique, regional collaborative. Our efforts support educators, employers, and communities as they prepare students to pursue high skill career opportunities and post-secondary education, while acquiring the ability, desire, and commitment to keep learning and live productively throughout their lives.

Bob Pearlman
Chair of BaySCAN Board of Directors
President, Autodesk Foundation